# Event Store Cloud Integrations

Event Store Cloud offers integrations between internal sources such as cluster health, issue detection, notifications events and sinks which include external services such as Slack and OpsGenie.

# Integration sources

"Sources" are driven by events or other mechanism inside the Event Store Cloud.

Currently supported sources include:

  • Issues - issues represent a potentially problematic condition detected inside a cluster or other Event Store Cloud resource. Issues consist of multiple "open" events and a single "closed" event and have different levels of severity.

  • Notifications - notifications are note worthy events detected within Event Store Cloud resources or the backend. For example notifications may be emitted when a cluster fails to provision.

# Integration sinks

"Sinks" are services outside of the Event Store Cloud which events from sources can be forwarded to.

  • OpsGenie - OpsGenie is an alerting an incidence response tool. It is possible to set up integrations which create OpsGenie alerts when cluster health issues are detected.

  • Slack - Slack is a communication platform. It is possible to set up integrations which send Slack messages when issues and notifications are created or updated.

Last Updated: 6/11/2021, 12:41:02 PM