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The stream database built for Event Sourcing

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Event Sourcing

EventStoreDB is built to support Event Sourcing. We support idempotent appending and reading events from individual streams.

gRPC for clients

Using gRPC protocol for client-server communication allows us to provide SDKs for a wide range of languages and platforms.

Immutable data

EventStoreDB stores your data as a series of immutable events over time, providing one of the strongest audit log options available (characteristics similar to a blockchain).

# Latest updates

# February 2021

# 30 December 2020

# 23 December 2020

# 19 December 2020

# 6 November 2020

  • Fixes for the deployment configurator.
  • preview Added the combined gRPC clients page.

# 28 October 2020

  • Many fixes in v5 server documentation.
  • Documentation for v20 server essentially covers everything.
  • preview Server configurator for v20 is available!

# 12 October 2020

  • We have added the initial version of the Cloud docs, including detailed instructions for provisioning resources in AWS and GCP.