# EventStoreDB 5.0 Documentation


The new generation of EventStoreDB starts from version 20.6. Learn more about the latest version here.

Welcome to the EventStoreDB 5.0 documentation.

EventStoreDB is a database designed for Event Sourcing. This documentation introduces key concepts of EventStoreDB and explains its installation, configuration and operational concerns.

EventStoreDB is available as both a Open-Source and an Enterprise versions:

  • EventStoreDB OSS is the open-source and free to use edition of EventStoreDB.
  • EventStoreDB Enterprise is available for customers with EventStoreDB paid support subscription. EventStoreDB Enterprise adds enterprise-focused features such as (TODO).

# Getting started

Get started by learning more about principles of EventStoreDB, Event Sourcing, database installation guidelines and choosing the client SDK.

# Support

# EventStoreDB community

Users of the OSS version of EventStoreDB can use the community forum for questions, discussions and getting help from community members.

# Enterprise customers

Customers with the paid support plan can open tickets using the support portal.

# Issues

Since EventStoreDB is the open-source product, we track most of the issues openly in the EventStoreDB repository on GitHub. Before opening an issue, please ensure that a similar issue hasn't been opened already. Also, try searching closed issues that might contain a solution or workaround for your problem.

When opening an issue, follow our guidelines for bug reports and feature requests. By doing so, you would greatly help us to solve your concerns in the most efficient way.

Last Updated: 10/12/2020, 9:01:06 PM