Install with Homebrew

EventStoreDB has a macOS package you can downloadopen in new window and install. We also maintain a Homebrew Cask formula you can install:

brew cask install eventstore

In each case you can run EventStoreDB with the eventstore command, and stop it with Ctrl+C. To use the default database location you need to use sudo, which we strongly recommend you don't do, or you can change the location with the --db parameter to a location your user account has access to.

To build EventStoreDB from source, refer to the EventStoreDB GitHub repositoryopen in new window.


If you installed EventStoreDB using Homebrew, you can remove it with one of the following:

brew cask uninstall eventstore

If you built EventStoreDB from source, remove it by deleting the directory containing the source and build, and manually removing any environment variables.