Install from PackageCloud

EventStoreDB has pre-built packages available for Debian-based distributionsopen in new window, manual instructions for distributions that use RPMopen in new window, or you can build from sourceopen in new window. The final package name to install is eventstore-oss.

If you installed from a pre-built package, the server gets registered as a service. Therefore, you can start EventStoreDB with:

sudo systemctl start eventstore

When you install the EventStoreDB package, the service doesn't start by default. It's done to allow you to change the configuration, located at /etc/eventstore/eventstore.conf and to prevent creating database and index files in the default location.


We recommend that when using Linux you set the 'open file limit' to a high number. The precise value depends on your use case, but at least between 30,000 and 60,000.

Building from source

You can also build EventStoreDB on Linux from source. Before doing that, you need to install Mono. We recommend Mono 5.16.0open in new window, but other versions may also work. EventStoreDB packages have Mono embedded, so you don't need to install anything except the EventStoreDB package.


If you installed one of the pre-built packages for Debian based systemsopen in new window, you can remove it with:

sudo apt-get purge eventstore-oss

This removes EventStoreDB completely, including any user settings.

If you built EventStoreDB from source, remove it by deleting the directory containing the source and build, and manually removing any environment variables.