Trusted Intermediary

The trusted intermediary header helps EventStoreDB to support a common security architecture. There are thousands of possible methods for handling authentication and it is impossible for us to support them all. The header allows you to configure a trusted intermediary to handle the authentication instead of EventStoreDB.

A sample configuration is to enable OAuth2 with the following steps:

  • Configure EventStoreDB to run on the local loopback.
  • Configure nginx to handle OAuth2 authentication.
  • After authenticating the user, nginx rewrites the request and forwards it to the loopback to EventStoreDB that serves the request.

The header has the form of {user}; group, group1 and the EventStoreDB ACLs use the information to handle security.

ES-TrustedAuth: "root; admin, other"

Use the following option to enable this feature:

| -EnableTrustedAuth