Compatibility notes

Depending on how your EventStoreDB instance is configured, some of the features might not work. On this page, you can find some notes about features being not available because of some options are set or not set accordingly.

FeatureOptions impact
Connection for TCP clientsExternal TCP is disabled by default. You need to enable it explicitly by using the EnableExternalTcp option.
Connection without SSL or TLSEventStoreDB 20.6+ is secure by default. Your clients need to establish a secure connection, unless you use the Insecure option.
Authentication and ACLsWhen using the Insecure option for the server, all the security gets disabled. You also get the Users menu item disabled in the Admin UI.
ProjectionsRunning projections is disabled by default and the Projections menu item is disabled in the Admin UI. You need to enable projections explicitly by using the RunProjections option.
AtomPub protocolIn 20.6+, the AtomPub protocol is disabled by default. If you use this protocol, you have to explicitly enable it by using the EnableAtomPubOverHttp option.
Stream browserThe stream browser feature in Admin UI depends on the AtomPub protocol and also gets greyed out by default. You need to enable AtomPub (previous line) to make the stream browser work.