# Logging

EventStoreDB logs its internal operations to the console (stdout) and to log files. The default location of the log files and the way to change it is described below.

There are a few options to change the way how EventStoreDB produces logs and how detailed the logs should be.

# Log format

EventStoreDB uses the structured logging in JSON format that is more machine-friendly and can be ingested by vendor-specific tools like Logstash or Datadog agent.

Here is how the structured log looks like:

{ "PID": "6940", "ThreadID": "23", "Date": "2020-06-16T16:14:02.052976Z", "Level": "Debug", "Logger": "ProjectionManager", "Message": "PROJECTIONS: Starting Projections Manager. (Node State : {state})", "EventProperties": { "state": "Master" } }
{ "PID": "6940", "ThreadID": "15", "Date": "2020-06-16T16:14:02.052976Z", "Level": "Info", "Logger": "ClusterVNodeController", "Message": "========== [{internalHttp}] Sub System '{subSystemName}' initialized.", "EventProperties": { "internalHttp": "", "subSystemName": "Projections" } }
{ "PID": "6940", "ThreadID": "23", "Date": "2020-06-16T16:14:02.052976Z", "Level": "Debug", "Logger": "MultiStreamMessageWriter", "Message": "PROJECTIONS: Resetting Worker Writer", "EventProperties": {  } }
{ "PID": "6940", "ThreadID": "23", "Date": "2020-06-16T16:14:02.055000Z", "Level": "Debug", "Logger": "ProjectionCoreCoordinator", "Message": "PROJECTIONS: SubComponent Started: {subComponent}", "EventProperties": { "subComponent": "EventReaderCoreService" } }

# Logs location

Log files are located in /var/lib/eventstore for Linux and macOS, and in the logs subdirectory of the EventStoreDB installation directory on Windows. You can change the log files location using the Log configuration option.


Moving logs to a separate storage might improve the database performance if you keep the default verbose log level.

Format Syntax
Command line --log
Environment variable EVENTSTORE_LOG

For example, adding this line to the eventstore.conf file will force writing logs to the /tmp/eventstore/logs directory:

Log: /tmp/eventstore/logs

# Log level

You can change the level using the LogLevel setting:

Format Syntax
Command line --log-level
YAML LogLevel
Environment variable EVENTSTORE_LOG_LEVEL

Acceptable values are: Default, Verbose, Debug, Information, Warning, Error, and Fatal.

# HTTP requests logging

EventStoreDB cal also log all the incoming HTTP requests, like many HTTP servers do. Requests are logged before being processed, so unsuccessful requests are logged too.

Use one of the following ways to enable the HTTP requests logging:

Format Syntax
Command line --log-http-requests
YAML LogHttpRequests

Default: false, logging HTTP requests is disabled by default.

# Log failed authentication

For security monitoring, you can enable logging failed authentication attempts by setting LogFailedAuthenticationAttempts setting to true.

Format Syntax
Command line --log-failed-authentication-attempts
YAML LogFailedAuthenticationAttempts

Default: false