Quick start

EventStoreDB can run as a single node or as a highly-available cluster. For the cluster deployment, you'd need three server nodes.

The installation procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Create a configuration file for each cluster node
  • Obtain SSL certificates, either signed by a publicly trusted or private certificate authority
  • Install EventStoreDB on each node using one of the available methods
  • Copy the configuration files and SSL certificates to each node
  • Start the EventStoreDB service on each node
  • Check the cluster status using the Admin UI on any node

Configuration Wizard

EventStore Configuratoropen in new window online tool can help you to go through all the required steps.

You can provide the details about your desired deployment topology, and get the following:

  • Generated configuration files
  • Instructions for obtaining or generating SSL certificates
  • Installation guidelines
  • gRPC and TCP client connection details

Event Store Cloud

Avoid deploying, configuring, and maintaining the EventStoreDB instance yourself by using Event Store Cloudopen in new window.