# Windows


EventStoreDB doesn't install as a Windows service. You need to ensure that the server executable starts automatically.

# Install from Chocolatey

EventStoreDB has Chocolatey packages (opens new window) available that you can install with the following command in an elevated terminal:

choco install eventstore-oss

# Download the binaries

You can also download (opens new window) a binary, unzip the archive and run from the folder location with an administrator console.

The following command starts EventStoreDB with the database stored at the path ./db and the logs in ./logs. Read mode about configuring the EventStoreDB server node in the Configuration section.

EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --db ./db --log ./logs

EventStoreDB runs in an administration context because it starts an HTTP server through http.sys. For permanent or production instances you need to provide an ACL such as:

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:2113/ user=DOMAIN\username

For more information, refer to Microsoft add urlacl documentation (opens new window).

To build EventStoreDB from source, refer to the EventStoreDB GitHub repository (opens new window).

# Uninstall

If you installed EventStoreDB with Chocolatey, you can uninstall with:

choco uninstall eventstore-oss

This removes the eventstore-oss Chocolatey package.

If you installed EventStoreDB by downloading a binary (opens new window), you can remove it by:

  • Deleting the EventStore-OSS-Win-* directory.
  • Removing the directory from your PATH.