# Protocols, clients and SDKs

This getting started guide shows you how to get started with EventStoreDB by setting up an instance or cluster and configuring it.

EventStoreDB supports two protocols: gRPC and TCP, described below.

# gRPC protocol

The gRPC protocol is based on open standards and is widely supported by many programming languages. EventStoreDB uses gRPC to communicate between the cluster nodes as well as for client-server communication.

We recommend using gRPC since it is the primary protocol for EventStoreDB moving forward. When developing software that uses EventStoreDB, we recommend using one of the official SDKs.

# EventStoreDB supported clients

# TCP protocol

EventStoreDB offers a low-level protocol in the form of an asynchronous TCP protocol that exchanges protobuf objects. At present this protocol has adapters for .NET and the JVM.


We plan to phase out the TCP protocol in the later versions. Please consider migrating your applications that use the TCP protocol and refactor them to use gRPC instead.

# EventStoreDB supported clients

# Community developed clients


EventStoreDB also offers an HTTP-based interface, based specifically on the AtomPub protocol. As it operates over HTTP, this is less efficient, but nearly every environment supports it.

# Community developed clients

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