# Cloud Preview

EventStoreDB Cloud is currently in Preview. On this page we describe what Preview means exactly.

# Why Preview?

At this stage, EventStoreDB Cloud uses the latest available production release of EventStoreDB. It is important to understand that as part of the Preview our customers use the production version of our product.

The Preview stage only applies to the managed cloud. We consider it production-ready, but it lacks some important features, which we believe are necessary for the generally available (GA) product.

In order to ensure the best customer experience for early adopters of EventStoreDB Cloud, the Preview phase is by invite only. We create organisations for Preview customers upfront and do the online on-boarding session with each Preview customer. During the session we show the Cloud console and its features, and also describe the provisioning process.

If you want to participate in the EventStoreDB Cloud Preview program, please register your interest on the Cloud page of our website.

# Preview status

# Available features

  • Organisation and projects
  • Access control: users and groups
  • Provisioning of networks, clusters and network peering
  • Terraform provider
  • Backup and restore
  • Online disk expansion

# Preview roadmap

  • Fine grain policies
  • Service tokens
  • Alerts
  • OpsGenie integration
  • PagerDuty integration
  • Cluster health
  • Workload estimates
  • Vertical cluster resizing (adding cluster members)
  • Scheduled backups

# GA features

  • Billing UI (update payment method, see invoices and current usage)
  • Migration tooling (on-premises to cloud)
  • Scheduled scavenge
  • Identity providers
  • Access log
  • Prevention against project deletion
Last Updated: 10/12/2020, 9:01:06 PM