# Installation

# Requirements

All Nuget packages require .NET Core SDK 3.1.

# Installation

The client is broken down in to several packages, each which expose different functionality depending on what you need your application to do These are:

Package Purpose
EventStore.Client.Grpc The base gRPC client library for EventStoreDB. You shouldn't need to install this
EventStore.Client.Grpc.Streams Contains methods for appending and reading from streams
EventStore.Client.Grpc.PersistentSubcriptions Allows managing and subscribing to persistent subscriptions
EventStore.Client.Grpc.ProjectionManagement Allows the creation and management of projections
EventStore.Client.Grpc.Operations Contains methods for initiating a scavenge and other operations
EventStore.Client.Grpc.UserManagement Contains methods for user management, such as creating and removing


This guide will note which packages are needed at the beginning of each section