# Persistent subscriptions monitoring

The Client API includes helper methods that wrap the HTTP API to allow you to monitor persistent subscriptions. This page describes the methods found in the PersistentSubscriptionsManager class. All methods in this class are asynchronous.

# Create the manager instance

Before accessing any of the methods described below, you need to create an instance of the PersistentSubscriptionsManager class. It needs a logger instance and one of the variations of the EndPoint abstract class. You would normally use either the IpEndPoint or DnsEndPoint. Since all HTTP calls would be redirected to the cluster leader, you can use an IP address of any cluster node. When using the DnsEndPoint, you can specify the DNS name of the cluster.

For example:

var subscriptionManager = new PersistentSubscriptionsManager(
    new ConsoleLogger(),
    new DnsEndPoint("esdb.acme.org", 2113),

Notice that you need to specify the HTTP port that your application can reach. Most probably you'd need to use the external HTTP port, which is 2113 by default.

# Get all persistent subscriptions from all streams

Returns information about all persistent subscriptions from all streams.

public Task List(UserCredentials userCredentials = null)

# Get persistent subscriptions for a stream

Returns information about the persistent subscription for a stream you specify with stream. You must have access to the stream.

public Task List(string stream, UserCredentials userCredentials = null)

# Get persistent subscription for a stream

Gets the details of the persistent subscription subscriptionName on stream. You must have access to the persistent subscription and the stream.

public Task Describe(string stream, string subscriptionName, UserCredentials userCredentials = null)
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